Three questions with Manuel Mathieu

By Nadia Huggins Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 Categories: 3 questions, Updates

This week we’re introducing a new segment to our lineup – it’s called “3 questions”.  Every other week, we’ll ask a Caribbean artist 3 questions, about their experiences, inspirations, likes, hates..anything that comes to mind really. This week we decided to kick it off with Haitian artist, Manuel Mathieu.

Manuel Mathieu

+ Painter, Photographer and Video artist
+ Haiti

1. How did the opportunity for your recent solo show come up? How does the spontaneous factor into the new figures?

Manuel: The opportunity of that show didn’t really come to me I created it. The owner of la maudite Boîte is a friend of mine, he was opening is place and I proposed him to show my work.

2. You recently got a residency at Beluga Studio, what do you hope to gain from your experience there? Have you made anything yet? ( can you give us a peek of your studio space)?

Manuel:  About my residency at the Beluga Studio I am planning to use the space to make bigger paintings and get ready for my upcoming shows. I have done some paintings in the studio already…

3. What is your relationship with the monstrous the macabre?

From so far I can remember I was always intrigued by the work of Goya and Bacon. They managed to create images that were referring to reality in a very complex and confusing way.

I don’t really understand what people mean when they refer to my work as monstrous. It’s more a matter of sensibility. I don’t think it’s related to my background but more to my esthetic concerns based on my singular point of view and sensibility. These agitations that are motivating my choices are part of me and I am opening up and discovering them in my work or while I am working. It’s my personal journey that I am sharing. I am not working with the idea of shocking anyone but more with the need to amuse myself creating images that comes to me. I agree its not always fun but when I manage to win it feels pretty amazing.


To know more about Manuel’s work visit his site.

Nadia Huggins
Nadia Huggins

Nadia Huggins is a digital photographer from St. Vincent and the Grenadines who has been specializing in documentary and conceptual photography for over eight years. She has been featured in several online and print publications internationally and is part of the Depthcore Collective.