Three questions with Nile Saulter

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Driven by the desire to showcase the good, bad and ugly elements of his diverse Jamaican homeland, Nile decided to pursue filmmaking at an early age. He moved to Los Angeles in 2001, studying an introduction to filmmaking, and began a 3 year stint in the US, moving also to Miami and New York where he furthered his film education by working on sets and also as the Asset Manager for RES magazine and the world famous RESfest. In 2004, Nile traveled to London where he received formal training with the New York Film Academy, focusing on writing and directing.

Upon returning to Kingston where he’s currently based, Nile jumped straight into film production, working in various capacities such as Assistant Director, Second Unit Director and Director of Photography on several projects. To date he has written and directed 3 short films himself, and also does commercial work such as editing and directing adverts, short docs and the occasional music video. He’s also a member of New Caribbean Cinema, a fresh collective of young filmmakers striving to create a unique vision for cinema in the region. He’s currently finishing up his first feature film script on which pre production will begin in early 2012.

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1. What’s the best thing about being a Caribbean filmmaker?

Nile: I think the answer’s in the question. Simply being from this region, where so much vibrancy exists in a comfortable space. I feel like were at the crest of a new wave of expression, and the energy to get our stories out is extremely strong. I guess because of how easy it is to access worldwide information and art nowadays, were exposed to more than ever from all corners of the world. This knowledge of how others have done it mixed with our innate desire to express our own very unique Caribbean vision has really positioned us for a bright future here.

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2. What/who would you say, has influenced your style the most?

Nile:  A combination of things. Jamaica itself, with all it’s colorful characters has been a big one. Truth be told, my sensibility is more European when it comes to the style of visual and mood I like. I’m also a big fan of Steven Soderbegh’s work. Films like Solaris and The Limey really impacted me. I’m hoping to experiment with a more of an indie, cinema verite style, in the Caribbean for my own work. Australia has also put out a number of films recently that have really blown me away, like Animal Kingdom and Snowtown. I’m trying to take bits and pieces from all these sources and make some work that’s fresh and relevant in the Caribbean.

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3. Any advice for filmmaker wannabes?

Nile: Just start. Try a ting. Don’t worry about it not being perfect when you first begin. In fact, if you ever feel you’ve done something perfectly, I think you’re lying to yourself and something’s wrong. These days it’s easier than ever to access a camera, no matter how simple, so take that step and try to be fresh and experimental. Have a solid game plan for whatever you want to make, but also be open to it changing significantly once you start, because that’s just the nature of filmmaking.

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