Applications Open for NLS Artist Residency Program in Kingston, Jamaica

By Deborah Anzinger Thursday, November 15th, 2012 Categories: ARC Partners, Art Residencies, Updates

The NLS residency program is a nine week residency program open to visual artists working in any medium or discipline, including interdisciplinary artists. The residency program is geared towards working artists with a developed portfolio who are intellectually and artistically concerned with pushing boundaries within their disciplines and within the current social landscape, as well as engaging with the public through art.

NLS Space

The residency will provide:

- Unlimited access to 200 sq. ft workspace with phone line and internet access as well as outdoor workspace of 600 sq ft.
- Work grants of up to JD$80,000 – A travel stipend of JD$30,000 for international residents- Room and board for international residents.
- Access to Creative Sounds audio recording studio for artists with interdisciplinary projects- Opportunity to host moderated studio visits with artist talk- Opportunity for exhibition of the artists’ work at a later point after the residency.

Download Prospectus

Download Application Form here



1. A project narrative of 700 – 1000 words describing the residency project. This should include conceptual statement, technical details, and physical descriptions of the proposed project. Should include previous experience in carrying out projects of a similar capacity. Sketches/schematics should be included where necessary.
2. An executive summary of 75 – 100 words
3. A timeline for all work to be completed during the residency period. The timeline should detail checkpoints such as period of research if relevant, as well as points of technical execution.
4. A budget narrative. Estimated cost of materials and/or services that will be needed must be detailed, as well as the source of all funding and deficits.
5. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
6. Representative portfolio as appropriate to the residency project. Portfolio should include work that was made within the last two years: Either 10 – 15 images 1000 x 800 pixels or 3 videos of no more than 5 minutes each.
7. Work sample index. Work sample index should list the works in the portfolio in numerical order with titles of the work, medium and date.
8. Artist statement. Artist statement should describe your current body of work submitted in your representative portfolio, as well as any overarching formal and conceptual concerns as an artist.
9. Recommendations. Applicant must submit 2 signed letters of recommendation from someone that has worked with the applicant in their art career, either in exhibitions, school and/or residencies.
10. Completed application form11. Copy of valid government-issued identification


All artists will be notified that their application has been received within 10 days of receipt.Acceptance. Accepted applicants will be notified by January 10, 2013. All other applicants will be notified by February 1, 2013.


Preliminary video footage. Upon acceptance to the residency, residents are required to collaborate with NLS in the production of a video to submit to NLS sponsors and to the Kickstarter campaign ( Applicants must submit 20 minutes of unedited video footage to NLS’ vimeo account that will be edited and incorporated by NLS into our final video. The applicant’s video footage is to be submitted within 3 weeks of acceptance to the residency. NLS will provide guidelines for the video once the applicant has been accepted.

Daily notebook. Residents are required to keep a daily notebook that must be logged into at the beginning and end of each work day. Notebook will be provided by NLS. Each log must be at least one page of writing and/or sketches and/or digital photographs documenting questions, project notes and/or progress.

Project execution. The applicant must engage in a studio practice throughout the entire residency of at least 28 hours per week and at least 4 days per week. NLS will assist the resident in any way possible to attain materials and services neeeded, but it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all materials are sourced to bring the project into fruition within the residency period.

Public studio visits. Resident is required to host two studio visits into their workspace during the residency. One at a mid-point in the residency, and one at the end of the residency.

Artist talk. Artist must have one scheduled talk moderated by NLS or an invited guest.

Exhibition. The work created in the residency must be available for a month-long curated exhibition at NLS within 18 months after the residency period.


About NLS

NLS (new local space/ nuclear localisation signal/ natty’s loquacious stylings/ nerds love serpents/ nobodies loving something/_______________________) is a new contemporary visual art initiative in Kingston, Jamaica. The goal of NLS is to support contemporary visual artists whose practice is based in experimentation, to connect such artists to the global contemporary art community, and to foster a collaborative approach to the artistic process. Our dynamic programming provides a unique platform in Jamaica for experimentation and public engagement in contemporary visual art through our artist residency program, our exhibition program, studio rental program, and a philosophy of open access. NLS is blazing a trail as the first non-profit visual art initiative in Jamaica to provide support for visual artists with singular vision

Deborah Anzinger
Deborah Anzinger

Deborah Anzinger is an artist and founder of NLS, a visual art initiative in Kingston. Prior to NLS, Deborah was manager of the District of Columbia Arts Center (DCAC), a non-profit space in DC. Deborah was a founding member of DC-based artist collective Sparkplug and her work has been shown in DC at Civilian Art Projects, Porch Projects, DCAC, The Fridge, and Hillyer Art Space; in Arlington, VA at the Arlington Art Center and George Mason University; and in Jamaica at the National Gallery of Jamaica. Deborah’s work has been featured in the DC- and Berlin-based web journal The Studio Visit (TSV), and she is a member of Project Dispatch, an art subscription service.