Art Exhibition: “Haití, historias y sueños”

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As part of the goal to raise awareness of Haitian culture in Mexico to, the Haitian Embassy, in collaboration with the Mexican Chancellery, has planned a series of activities with schools and universities. One example is the exhibition “Haití, historias y sueños [Haiti, Stories and Dreams] which the Ambassador of Haiti to Mexico, Guy G. Lamothe, inaugurated on November 21, 2012, at the Museum of the Mexican Chancellery, located in the historic center of Mexico City. More than 70 works of great masters from different regions of Haiti are showcased in this exhibition, which will extend over a period of four months.

In his introduction, Ambassador Lamothe declared, “Beside the dynamic cooperation between the two countries, Haiti needs a market for its cultural industry. Our country is open for business and one of the products we can offer to the Mexicans is our culture.” The diplomat placed emphasis on the internationalization of Haitian art and invited Mexicans to get to know Haiti through art and culture, two vehicles for breaking down barriers between people.

Some of the related talks surrounding this event included Professor Carlos Alba (Colegio de Mexico) who traced the history, origins, and evolution of iron cutting in Haitian crafts, speaking of the technique itself, its artistic value, and specific artists. Raffaella Cedraschi, who curated the show, introduced the exhibition to the public with an emphasis on the Vodoun rituals and “vévé flags” that hold an important place in the displays.

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