Caribbean InTransit launches issue 3

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“The arts is a form of action,” wrote Caribbean intellectual and choreographer Rex Nettleford. As action, the arts can be an effort inclined toward a pursuit of social change. The arts can be political acts. The arts can liberate ways of being and refashion ways of thinking in our world. The arts can be used to transform communities and transfigure societies. This third issue of Caribbean InTransit   highlights “Arts for  Social Change”.

Caribbean InTransit Journal is an open access, peer-reviewed journal focused on presenting critical perspectives surrounding the Caribbean arts. A call for papers is issued on a specific theme for each issue. Dr. Toby Jenkins, Guest Editor of this third issue and faculty at George Mason University describes the body of works presented in this issue and the intent of the project:

“The journal creatively integrates words, thoughts, images, and opinions to inspire, provoke, and bear witness. The articles, essays, poems, and exhibitions found in this issue illustrate how as artists, writers, and thinkers we can reach beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries to converse with distant academic cousins such as cultural studies, the arts, sociology, ethnic studies, political science, and history. But more importantly, by privileging the academic merit of diverse forms of knowledge and expression (poetry, photo-essays, and songs) this journal breaks the boundaries of academia and passes through the gates of privilege in order to converse with those whose lives are situated on the margins. Through this work we make our contributions to push the lives, experiences, and histories of marginalized communities into the forefront of society.”

Artwork by Andrea Chung in Issue 3 of Caribbean InTransit: 4. Invisible Cargo: Curry, 2007 47 x 44 1⁄2 x 58 1⁄4 inches, Spices/foodstuffs and mason jars on wooden shipping pallets. Ingredients from top to bottom: curry (pallet 1), chickpeas (pallet 2), coconut, allspice, thyme (pallet 3), garlic, onion (pallet 4), and rice (pallet 5). Each pallet is stacked with mason jars to my nose height. This is a visual recipe for traditional Jamaican curry dish.

The issue features provocative artworks by Andrea Chung and Charles Campbell, an essay in French by James Darbouze, English essays by Marcelo Guerrero, Laura Barrio-Vilar and Managing Editor for Caribbean InTransit Marsha Pearce, creative writing by Karin Lachmising, interviews by Laura Maier,  Alake Pilgrim and Leanne Haynes, poetry by Heather Pinnock, Ronnie McGrath and Keisha-Gaye Anderson, Visual Essays by Jacqueline Ample, Errol Brewster, Annalee Davis and Safi Harriott. Among the artists featured are Holly Bynoe and  Nadia Huggins,  Sonia Farmer, Laura Barbata-Anderson, Ebony Patterson, Mark King and more.

We invite you to download your free e-copy of the journal, which will be launched online at  and at George Mason University on November 29th 2012. If you are in the Washington DC metro area, you are invited to join us at the launch event. To receive calls for works and free e-copies of the journal to your inbox, email us at with the subject line “Subscribe Me!” We’ll also send you an invitation to join us via Facebook and twitter.

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