Contemporary Caribbean Art presented at FIAC 2012

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For the first time, artists from the Caribbean have provided a forum at the International Fair of Contemporary Art in Paris (FIAC), recently concluded on Saturday, October 20 at the Grand Palais. An initiative undertaken by Uprising-art, chaired by Claire Richer, brought together five personalities of the Caribbean – Yolanda Wood, an art historian who has traveled from Havana where she teaches, Dominique Berthet, University professor in aesthetics university Antilles Guyane, Carlos Garaicoa a Cuban artist, Luz Severino an artist of the Dominican Republic living and working in Martinique,  and  Guadeloupean artist Michel Rovelas – discussed various facets of contemporary art of the Caribbean realities, difficulties in gaining access to international markets.

The art market and Caribbean initiatives, public and private, that exist today were they center off another debate with Oliveux Arnaud (Artcurial), Haitian artist Herve Telemaque, and his gallerist, Patrick Bongers of Galerie Louis Carré, Elvis Fuentes, an associate curator at the Museo del Barrio in New York and Haitian artist Edouard Duval Carrie.

The consensus was made that artists from the Caribbean and its diasporas are witnessing the emergence of art in the region, creating a strong domestic market, with the support of the diasporas, more commercial galleries, and professional marketing tools. The discussion revealed how difficult was to implement some patterns and new models for the Caribbean, which remain mosaic states without real unity.

Uprising art -organized debate at the launch of its website whose aim is to promote Caribbean artists on the international scene.

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