Fresh Milk Satellite Program with the Instituto Buena Bista

By Annalee Davis Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 Categories: ARC Partners, Updates

FRESH MILK believes that one of its vital roles includes the mentoring of young and emerging practitioners who have the capacity to shape and shift the evolving cultural arena. Connecting young creatives across the region with each other is one way to foster relationships so that a more fertile space can be nurtured while offering creatives the support and opportunities to shape their own projects.

FRESH MILK is pleased to collaborate with the IBB in November 2012 as a part of our Satellite Programme, working to link informal artistic networks throughout the region and in the diaspora. Selected creatives will live and work together over a two-week period in Curacao and will be hosted by the IBB. FRESH MILK will reciprocate and host young creatives proposed by the IBB on the FRESH MILK platform in Barbados.

Barbadian creative and Assistant to Director here at Fresh Milk, Katherine Kennedy (who is collaborating with Barbadian art historian and Fresh Milk Liaison Officer Natalie McGuire, currently based in New Zealand) and Vincentian artist, writer and co-founder of ARC Magazine Holly Bynoe will be residing together at the IBB headquarters in Curaçao. Katherine, in partnership with Natalie, will engage with the students and artistic community through a series of interactive USTREAM interviews to facilitate dialogue about the contemporary critical and creative space in Curacao. Holly Bynoe will offer a Master Class with IBB students.

The second part of this exchange takes place when co-founders of the IBB David Bade and Tirzo Martha, visiting Dutch artist Erik Habets along with three students from the IBB visit Fresh Milk from November 25th December 1st, where they will conduct workshops and critiques with students at the Barbados Community College, visit local artists’ studios, and give a public presentation about the IBB on the Fresh Milk platform.
Stay tuned for more information on this exciting series of events!


Holly Bynoe (St. Vincent & the Grenadines)
Katherine Kennedy (Barbados)
Natalie McGuire, (Barbados/New Zealand)

Holly Bynoe is a visual artist and writer from St. Vincent and the Grenadines; she is currently living and working in the Caribbean. She is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of ARC Magazine, a visual art and culture publication focused on contemporary art created in the Caribbean at its diaspora. She is a recent graduate of Bard College | International Center of Photography where she earned her M.F.A. in Advanced Photographic Studies. Her interests span across the areas of new media, experimental video and film art and its relevance to the new visual landscape that is being constructed and dissected across various spaces of the Caribbean and its Diasporas. For the FRESH MILK/IBB project she proposes “The Five Obstructions” will have its central focus on the understanding of how the development and sustainability of new media practices can be an agent of effective connectedness and exchange in our climate of the Caribbean.

This will be propelled by a deep focus on the limitations that often pervade our spaces and arising from that an engagement with Lars Von Trier and Jørgen Leth’s seminal collaborative film “The Five Obstructions”. This master class will focus thematically on the rise of experimental video across the Caribbean and deepens the methodologies and ideas behind the evolution and consideration of the medium. Students will be given an opportunity to confront and engage with previous fears, anxieties and a system of nuanced barriers that seek to simultaneously disarm conceived notions about creating while allowing for a new freedom to enter process and thoughts on failure.

Each participant will be required to finish a short video (under 15 minutes) in the time frame of two weeks and each assignment will direct its generation and development. The collection of works in the end will attempt to define the abstraction and the collapse of boundaries both private and public, and will help determine new realities and investigative fields of presence, representation and play. In addition Holly will meet and engage with artists in a critical manner and focus on intense studio visits.

In addition to these proposed ideas, FRESH MILK’s goal is to continually strengthen the relationship with the IBB while fostering the interaction among the three resident artists – spawning further projects and enriching the critical arena in the region.

Katherine Kennedy is an artist and writer. She graduated in 2011 from Lancaster University, UK with a degree in Creative Arts; her combined major of Fine Art and Creative Writing helped develop her keen interests in both visual and literary pursuits. She has won multiple awards for her artwork and writing in her home Barbados, and has exhibited internationally in London. Since returning home, she has remained immersed in creativity, completing a local artist residency, contributing to ARC Magazine of Contemporary Caribbean Art by writing for their online forum. Katherine is Assistant to Director on the FRESH MILK Art Platform Inc. where she assists in the day to day running of the entity including writing, research, maintaining the social media platform and the Colleen Lewis Reading Room among other things. Katherine is also producing work as a sculptor and installation artist.

Natalie McGuire is a young Art Historian who has been working with FRESH MILK from its inception. She recognises the internet as a medium where people in the Caribbean have been able to research what events are happening regionally but wants to take it a step further and proactively make the internet a space for critical dialogue and exchange. To this end, she proposes to build an interactive platform with the Curacao arts community in partnership with the IBB to be accessed virtually by people throughout the Caribbean, making current exhibitions immediately interactive within the region. She intends to develop a series of interactive UStream feeds showcasing dialogues with curators, artists and other members of the Curacao art community. These events will be streamed in the major informal art collectives in the Caribbean – Fresh Milk (Barbados), Alice Yard (Trinidad), Pop Up Studios (Bahamas) and Tembe Studios (Suriname). In addition, they will be available to residents in the Caribbean through personal access. This will provide an opportunity for West Indians to interact with each other on a common interest.

Natalie will record and speak about IBB on this web based platform as a liaison between the Fresh Milk arts platform in Barbados. She requests IBB’s support for technical assistance, to contact the appropriate individuals for interviews, provide access to museum exhibitions and programs as well as to access archives, research material, data base and general contacts.

About the IBB:

The idea for an institute for contemporary art in Curaçao existed for a long time in the minds of visual artists David Bade and Tirzo Martha, but in 2006 the time was right to take that step. Together with art historian Nancy Hoffmann, they gave a firm base to the Instituto Buena Bista, that was built on three pillars that give the institute its strength; the development of young talent through an orientation course, a thorough program of artist in residencies and a network in the field of education and research. Martha and Bade support the IBB from their own professional framework and offer the students an intensive year of learning experiences and complete dedication. The IBB offers upcoming artists a framework that makes it possible for them to find their way to a professional career in the arts, and since its inception they have already accompanied three levies of young talents to art schools or applied art schools in the Netherlands and the Caribbean region.

The Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc. is a Caribbean non-profit, artist-led, inter-disciplinary organization that supports creatives and promotes wise social, economic, and environmental stewardship through creative engagement with society and by cultivating excellence in the arts.

Annalee Davis
Annalee Davis

Annalee Davis is a Visual Artist living and working in Barbados where she makes objects and produces installations and drawings. Her social practice project - the Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc. - functions as an experiment, a cultural lab and an act of resistance. Fresh Milk supports excellence among emerging contemporary creatives locally, throughout the Caribbean, its diaspora and internationally. Annalee is also a part-time tutor in the BFA programme at the Barbados Community College.