Exhibition: I Am Woman, new paintings by Elizabeth Colomba

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Born and raised in France, on the outskirts of Paris, amid the rich inspiring Caribbean heritage of her family, Elizabeth Colomba’s life as an artist began in early childhood: “ I was six years old when I initially told my mother, I will be a painter… She patted me on the head, and insinuated I either have to win the lottery or be Picasso… As I was contemplating my two choices, 2 years went by… The school I was in, wanted to do something special for father’ s day, and decided that we would be copying a master work of art of our choice, as a gift for this significant occasion. My Van Gogh counterfeit made my parents ecstatic, and assured me off what I wanted to be.”

Elizabeth Colomba's 'Mary in the Hall'

Elizabeth Colomba attended the high school of art in Paris. After receiving her degree in applied arts she continued her studies, continuing to paint and to intensively develop her own style. Upon graduation from college she achieved a first class honors degree and most importantly, a mastery of an individual style and artistic expression. In the late nineties, after trying out her skills in the world of advertising, Colomba moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in painting and storyboarding, working on feature films like Romeo and Juliet, One Hour Photo, Jesse James, A Single Man, and several others.

Colomba begins the creative process inspired by faces, rooms, or even clothing, which spark her imagination, and evolves from there. She often begins by drawing nude figures; she then follows by creating sketches of several clothed figures, settled in a space, surrounded by meaningful objects. It is this careful preparation that leads to the very detailed style of painting she is creating.

When asked who her artistic heroes are, Elizabeth Colomba eloquently replies, “I’d like to have Sargent’s touch, Caravaggio’s light, Degas’ vision, Vermeer’s inscrutability and Velázquez’s knowledge”. The influence of each can be seen in Elizabeth Colomba’s work. For Elizabeth Colomba, painting is primal. She can’t think of living without doing it. To say it in other words, she lives to paint. The roots of her artistic expression are cerebral:  Leonardo da Vinci was right, ‘Painting is a mental act.

Elizabeth Colomba’s ‘I Am Woman’ opens at Clover’s fine art Gallery from November 16th through  January 13th, 2013. I am Woman is an exhibition that honors all women. Elizabeth Colomba’s paintings are not just new images and representations of Black women, it is about giving Black women back their identity and voice when historically they have been invisible. In Ms. Colomba’s words, Black women will find, “a dignifying self-image; a portrayal that blurs racial lines. An environment in which each individual will find mutual respect and freedom unrelated to the color of their skin.” To RSVP visit here, and for more information contact Sandrine Asmani, Guest Curator at 


To find out more about Clover's Fine Art visit www.cloversfineart.com and to see more of Elizabeth's work visit www.elizabethcolomba.net

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