MEET- a series of Artist Talks at the SO((U))L HQ in Kingston

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Please join us for Meet at SO((U))L HQ.  In this installment of Meet we talk to and look at the newest work of two multidisciplinary visual artists: founder of NLS Deborah Anzinger, and Jamaican-based Trinidadian artist Rodell Warner.  The artists will have some of their newest work on hand and converse with us about their conceptual and formal concerns, inspiration and creative processes, challenges, their experiences with art inside and outside of Jamaica, their past and their future, artists that inspire them and which artists they would like to work with. Meet takes place this Saturday, November 24 at 7 PM. For more information contact DJ Afifa at  or 298-6251.

About the Artists:

Both the source and focus for the work of Rodell Warner is the fractal moment:  "> being dreamed and being and dreaming and >".  Rodell is a self-taught artist whose work has been exhibited at Medulla Gallery, Port of Spain, Trinidad; The Beaver, Toronto, Canada; Projects & Space, Barbados; Alice Yard, Port of Spain, Trinidad; NIROX Projects at Arts on Main, Johannesburg, South Africa; CAG[E] Gallery, Edna Manley College, Jamaica; and Art Museum of the Americas, Washington, DC

Deborah Anzinger's works are abstractions that temper the wildness and banality of existence through colour and play. Discarded digital images of everyday experiences are spliced and inserted into primal environments where their meaning  becomes mysterious: recognisable and unknowable.  Diverse interests such as digital media, text-based art, hard edge and gestural abstraction, commonplace experiences, as well as her previous doctoral research in the biomedical sciences inform her mark making. Using these visual cues Deborah breaks apart pre-existing systems in an attempt to create a void in which alternate meanings and interpretations of the ordinary can exist. In this way her work entertains a desire for transendence and existential freedom.

Deborah is a multi-disciplinary visual artist.  Prior to starting NLS, Deborah lived and worked in Washington DC where she managed the District of Columbia Arts Center, was a founding member of the DC-based artist collective Sparkplug, was the recipient of the first (In)Habit Artist Residency at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, Silver Spring, MD .  Deborah's work has been exhibited in Washington, DC at Civilian Art Projects, Porch Projects, DCAC, The Fridge, and Hillyer Art Space; and in Arlington, VA at the Arlington Art Center and George Mason University. She has also exhibited in the National Biennial at the National Gallery of Jamaica. Deborah’s upcoming exhibitions include the Transformer Auction at the Corcoran Gallery of Art and a group show at the artist-run space Delicious Spectacle in DC. Deborah received her PhD in Immunology/Microbiology from Rush Medical Center in 2005 and became professionally active as an artist in 2004.


About Meet:

Through Meet SO((U))L achieves its mission to constantly engage artists in our community-- artists who we believe can teach us from their approach to their work or the issues they explore, artists whose work push us to recreate our world.  Our engagement is important for the continued development of art, the artist and the soul of art. We believe that art must be a way of life and we must provide opportunities to bring art closer to the community. This series of artist talks simply dubbed MEET allows us to do this.

About SO((U))L  HQ:

SO((U))L  is an alternative art space located in Stony Hill, Kingston.  In June 2010 Afifa Aza (Dj afifa)  and Georgia Love decided to start a crazy experiment in providing “alternative creative events and music” in Kingston. “We responded to the general frustration that we and our peers felt about the dearth of interesting alternatives to standard, commercially driven formulas for entertainment. We agreed that we needed to create more spaces, products and services that could foster and harness politically compelling ideas that could push Jamaican music, art and culture in more diverse direction.” So we called ourselves SOUNDS OF LIFE or SO((U))L for short.”

Essentially we want to “inspire social consciousness and change using programmes which emphasize creativity, cultural innovation and self-expression and highlight globally diverse perspectives on music, art and culture.” So after hosting events at other venues in KINGSTON, we decided to create the SO((U))L HQ.  This is where we get to host exhibitions, screen films, discuss music, books, run workshops among other things.


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