Peter Sheppard’s “Road Trip” exhibition at the 101 Art Gallery

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Now presenting his fifteenth collection with the prestigious 101 Art Gallery at its new Newtown location, Peter Sheppard continues to explore mediums and technique. His inspiration continues to be drawn from the bounties of a pristine Trinidad and Tobago, especially, the Northern Range. Sheppard feels very nostalgic about the southern Caribbean country and conveys this in his compositions depicting rural life. Primarily working within his niche of miniature paintings, Sheppard broadens his stroke to cover larger canvases while maintaining his riveting monotones and vibrant coloured landscapes.

Artist Statement:

I’ve been working from my studio in St Clair on my new collection of paintings. I am presenting to them public at the 101 Art Gallery at Holder’s Studio with an Opening Reception on Tuesday 20th November until the 29th November. My first solo exhibition with the 101 Art Gallery was in 1994 and I’ve been exhibiting there regularly since. During this time, I have developed into my own style of artist with a niche in Miniature painting, but have recently broadened the stroke to include larger paintings.

Peter Sheppard's Road Trip (32" x 60", Acrylic on Canvas, 2012)

In this new collection of about 3 dozen acrylic paintings, I continue to draw from my childhood memories of life in Trinidad and Tobago. When I was younger, my parents would often pack the car and hit the road to discover and expose the inquisitive child to all that is Trinidad and Tobago. My parents have a rich background in the Visual and Performing Arts including the Carnival World.

My Mother, Margaret, with whom I’ve held two previous joint exhibitions, designed and made carnival costumes since I was 10 months old. My first portrayal was “Wizard of Oz”. She has spent her life working in Costume Design and Construction for the Theatre and is currently working on paintings for her solo exhibition in 2013.

My Father, Stephen Sheppard, was also a painter, holding many exhibitions of his own around Trinidad and Tobago. He also designed and made Carnival Costumes for the Jaycees Carnival Queen Shows, Kings and Queens of Carnival and many costumes for Children’s Carnival including my last kiddies costume “Alladin and the magic carpet ride” in 1979.  My Father died in 1993, but his legacy lives on, in part, through my creative endeavours.  This exhibition opens on what would have been his 68th birthday and is dedicated to his memory.

I am currently the 1st Vice President of the Art Society and am actively engaged with the ASTT programmes including the En Plein Air Paint Outs. These are excursions in which I coordinate field trips to take artists out to a location for a ½ day of painting. This has enabled the artist to capture the mood of the scene while on location. He has also been one of the Artists involved in school visits to kids in East Port of Spain schools motivating the young budding artists.

So it seems natural that I have a passion for Carnival, Designing and producing costumes in the past for individuals in HARTS and MACFARLANE. I was also in the first graduating class at The University of the West Indies for Carnival Judges and sat on the NCC panels for several years in the past.  This show however, has nothing to do with carnival but with painting.

In my studio, one of the challenges that I have been working on for over a year is how to allow the work to develop. I do really enjoy sitting trance-like at my desk putting in tiny details in my miniatures, but I also want to play with mediums and more expressive brush strokes. I’m thinking more about atmosphere and mystery in a the composition and less about giving the viewer all the information. So it is safe to say that the work is in transition…

Peter Sheppard's En Plein Air at The Pointe A Pierre Wild Fowl Trust (8" x 8", Acrylic on canvas, 2012)

Miniature paintings continue to be my niche and love doing them. I’m an active member of the UK-based, Hilliard Society of Miniature Painters. Each May they host an International Exhibition of Miniatures in Wells, Somerset. For the past three years, my miniatures have been accepted into the exhibition by their esteemed jurors and this year sold my collection presented there.  IM also a member of the Barbados Arts Council and participated in their Miniature show in 2011. Miniature paintings are very much a valuable collector’s item around the World.

This exhibition will show you a cross-section of all my work, from the Sheppardesque detailed paintings to the new direction in Impressionism.  This exhibition will be on from 20th November until the 29th November and because the gallery has late opening hours (until 8pm) its very easy to visit the show, in the evening after work or school.

For more information about this exhibition, contact the 101 Art Gallery at holder’s Studio at 628-4081 or visit them online at

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Friday 12 noon- 8pm
Saturday 10 am- 2 pm
(Exhibition ends Thursday 29th November 2012)

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