Sunday Arts: Sheppard takes a Road Trip

By Marsha Pearce Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 Categories: Exhibitions, Updates

Peter Sheppard’s latest exhibition of landscape paintings, entitled Road Trip, will open on November 20 at Boscoe Holder’s former studio, which is now 101 Art Gallery, 84 Woodford Street, Port-of-Spain. The date of the opening is a significant one for the artist, as it is his father’s birthday. This new body of work is a tribute to the late Frederick Stephen Sheppard, who would have been 68 this year. Peter Sheppard’s father was a prolific painter who enjoyed painting scenes of Trinidad and Tobago. In fact, both of his parents have influenced his focus on the landscape as the subject matter of his art. Sheppard’s mother is also a landscape artist.

Country Road 6"x6" Acrylic Peter Sheppard 2012

Peter Sheppard remembers his parents’ custom of going on scenic drives that exposed him to the myriad vistas of the island. “As children, we were exposed to all corners by way of our long drives on weekends when one or the other or both would pack us into the car and we would just take off.”

In 2011, Sheppard exhibited his work in a joint landscape show with his mother Margaret. The exhibition opened on November 11, his mother’s birthday. This year, Sheppard puts a spotlight on his father.

Wetlands 12"x12" Acrylic Peter Sheppard 2012

“This show is in honour of my father so I am trying to think about him and to think about the things that he liked and also utilise my own passions which basically we share,” says Sheppard, who admits to having a tendency to hit the road. “I love driving around and taking people along on my long trips. It is strange how family things get handed down somehow.”

Sheppard’s road trip is also a chance to be a part of the artist’s journey of creative growth as he attempts to experiment and deviate from a path that has become too familiar and comfortable for him. Sheppard is known for his attention to detail in his presentation of controlled, picturesque scenes. He is also noted for a particular scale of work: his miniature paintings. Since 2011, he has been trying to break that creative mould. This new exhibition will showcase his continued efforts to destabilise a look and feel in his work to which viewers have become accustomed. “I want to challenge myself to create something new, otherwise I feel I will be showing you the same exhibition year after year. I want my process to be a new one or a new experience for me both in the studio and on the gallery wall when you come to see the show,” says Sheppard.

Nariva Sunrise 33x28 Acrylic on canvas Peter Sheppard 2012

Peter Sheppard- Before the rain- Picnic 6" x 8"

The artist is first vice president of the Art Society  and leads regular en plein air (outdoor) painting excursions. Road Trip is Sheppard’s 15th exhibition with 101 Art Gallery. The exhibition runs until November 29. For more information, call 628-4081 or contact 

Marsha Pearce writes for the Trinidad Guardian Sunday Arts section which features Sheppard takes a Road Trip.

Marsha Pearce
Marsha Pearce

Marsha Pearce is ARC’s Senior Arts Writer and Editor. She holds a PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of the West Indies (UWI) St Augustine Campus, Trinidad. She lectures in the Department of Creative and Festival Arts at UWI and is also a freelance arts writer for the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian newspaper. Pearce is the 2006 Rhodes Trust Rex Nettleford Cultural Studies Fellow.