The Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago present ‘Record : Art : Memory – Photography’

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The Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago will be hosting a photographic exhibition ‘Record : Art : Memory – Photography in Trinidad and Tobago’ curated by photographer Abigail Hadeed. The exhibition will feature an exciting selection of many previously un-exhibited photographs from a variety of sources tracing the development of Trinidad and Tobago over the last 50 years with a number of images drawn from earlier periods. A carefully selected range of photographs depicting a variety of subjects dating from 1873 to the present day will be on display providing a unique perspective on how our history is recorded and observed in photographic form.

Laura Ferreira, All That Remains, 2009

In describing the objectives and goals of the exhibition Hadeed hopes that in the exhibition viewers will be able “to find a reflection of our struggles and achievements as a people; a sense of what we have collectively shared as a young nation.” A catalogue of the exhibition will be on sale together with postcard sets.

Aché Collection, Paria Publishing Archives, Merry Widow, c 1900

The exhibition is hosted by the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago and supported by the Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development and bpTT.  The exhibition opening will be on 6.00pm on 21st November 2012 and runs through the 30th November 2012.

Mark Lyndersay, Theresa Montano, Minstrel Boys, Queen’s Hall, Viey La Cou, c 1988

The Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago is located at Cor. Jamaica Blvd & St Vincent Ave, Federation Park, PoS. For more information visit or call Tel: 868 622 9827. Gallery hours are Mon-Sat, 10-6.

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