Aesthetic Encounter presented by the Fondation Clément in Martinique

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Aesthetic Encounter is a collective exhibition that is currently on view at the Fondation Clément in Martinique. The group exhibition which opened on November 30th 2012, will continue until January 6th, 2013.

Christian Bertin, The Hurt workshoop Grand River, July 2002. Photo: C. Bertin

This exhibition, curated by Dominique Berthet, includes works by Victor Anicet, Christian Bertin, Julie Bessard, Hervé Beuze, Ernest Breleur, Alexandre Cadet-Petit, Chantal Charron, Patricia Donatien, Serge Goudin-Thébia, Norville Guirouard-Aizée, Serge Hélénon, Thierry Jarrin, Valerie John, Joseph Sainte-Croix René-Corail dit Khokho, Louis Laouchez, René Louise, Robert Manscour, Monique Monteil, Bertin Nivor, Bruno Pédurand, and Luz Severino.


Belonging to different generations, using diverse mediums, and upholding artistic ideas that are often different from one another, what do these artists have in common? They have played a key role in the construction of a history of art in Martinique and in reflecting on the development of a new and specific art. Today, they are developing a work that speaks of a place and a history, while opening up to the rest of the world. This aesthetics of coming together to which they belong, is also an imaginary gathering. Beyond their diversity, they come together around a number of questions or ideas—notions of memory, heritage, traces, identity, ownership, or fragments—to which they ascribe forms and approaches that are always singular.

For more information, see Fondation Clément’s website.



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