Art Matters announces 2012 grantees including Nicole Awai and Deana Lawson

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Art Matters is a foundation created to assist artists who make work intending to break ground aesthetically and socially. Support is provided to encourage exploration of issues and ideas; experimentation in visual arts, media and performance; and presentation of new art. Art Matters is pleased to announce 32 grants ranging in amounts of $3,000 – $10,000 to artists who are working on socially engaged projects with a local, national and/or global focus.


They include:

- Nicole Awai- support for travel to La Brea Pitch Lake in Trinidad.
- Rozalinda Borcila- Support for travel and research into extraterritorial zones in the US, with a focus on Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) and Immigrant Detention Centers.
- Che Chen- Support for research in Mauritania into Haratine and Beydane contemporary music culture.
- Sandra de la Loza- Support for ongoing work.
- Sergio de la Torre- Support for Noise (working title), the third chapter of a video trilogy exploring Chinese immigration in Mexico.
- Harry Dodge- Support for ongoing work.
- Daniel Duford- Support for Ringing the Temple Bell a three-day event involving performances, workshops and the building of an earthen bread oven/kiln.
- Kate Gilmore- Support for ongoing work.
- Renée Green- Support for Returning Kaleidoscopic Migration Constellations, a film involving movements of people in the history of California, New York, Brazil, Vienna, and Berlin.
- Wynne Greenwood- Support for new work inspired by the Serbian mythological creature Azdaja, to be presented at Drugstore, a queer cultural space in Belgrade.
- Trajal Harrell- Support for travel to Japan to research Tatsumi Hijikata, founder of Butoh dance, starting with the question, “how does one vogue Tatsumi Hijikata?”
- Pablo Helguera- Support for ongoing work.
- Laryssa Husiak- Support for ongoing work.
- Mary Jeys- Support for ongoing work.
- Jennie C. Jones- Support for the artist’s “Acoustic Painting” series, which uses soundproofing materials from industrial settings to bridge two-dimensional works and audio pieces.
- Vishal Jugdeo- Support for a video project in Kolkata, India, involving the port of departure, globalization and tolerance of marginal sexualities.
- Deana Lawson- Support for travel to Haiti, Jamaica, and Ghana to continue the artist’s portraiture photography work.
- Ander Mikalson- Support for ongoing work.
- Irvin Morazan- Support for travel to Tokyo to explore the subculture of Dekotora trucks.
- Alison O’Daniel- Support for The Tuba Thieves, a film project exploring the recurring theft of sound in Southern California.
- Akosua Adoma Owusu- Support for Kwaku Ananse, a short film combining autobiography with mythology from the artist’s native country of Ghana.
- Vesna Pavlović- Support for ongoing work.
- Paul Pfeiffer- Support for the film Vitruvian Figure (2014), documenting the production process of the artist’s warehouse size architectural model of the Philippine Arena mega-church currently under construction in the outskirts of Manila.
- Postcommodity- Support for The Repellent Fence, a site-specific installation and monument examining the Tohono O’odham border experience as a metaphor for the Western hemisphere’s larger Indigenous human rights crisis.
- Elaine Reichek- Support for travel to London for research on embroidery artist Mary Linwood.
- Miljohn Ruperto- Support for a film project involving travel to Johannesburg, South Africa and England, for interviews with former members of an anti-apartheid group.
- Lisa Sigal- Support for ongoing work.
- Hong-An Truong- Support for travel to Vietnam for the creation of the video A Chilly Night at a Desolate Place, juxtaposing Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring with the Vietnamese folk opera Cai-Luong.
- Jono Vaughan- Support for ongoing work.
- Stacy Lynn Waddell- Support for ongoing work.
- Will Wilson- Support for Towards a Critical Indigenous Photographic Exchange, a project inviting indigenous artists, arts professionals and tribal governance to engage in the performative ritual that is the studio portrait.
- Geo Wyeth- Support to document a series of site-specific, research-driven performances in rural South Carolina and Alabama as part of ongoing performance project Haunts.

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