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Malaika Brooks Smith Lowe and her team is seeking contributors in the new developmental stage of the Groundation Grenada blog. From a small start in 2009 theyhave organically grown over the years and now has 295 subscribers with more joining the virtual village everyday. Now they are officially putting out the call for Groundation Writers. Groundation Grenada want to create a platform for the diverse voices of youth from across the Caribbean (including the diaspora), and encourage contributions from budding and established writers,  poets, artists, farmers, musicians, educators, students and anyone passionate about share their vision of the world.

Photography by Nadia Huggins

Groundation Grenada is committed to being a safe space,  valuing each person, irrespective of sex, race/ethnicity, religion (or ‘lack’ thereof), sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, abilities or  background.  All contributions will require writing, even visual/audio pieces will need to include a statement/reflection/critique. You can make one contribution or become a regular Groundation Writer. They encourage innovation and initiative, and fully welcome your ideas. Here are a few ideas that would elevate the blog, just to get your creative juices flowing.

Perhaps pose a particular question, the answers to which, will form a series of posts. For instance:

  • Who are the faces of the emerging music scene in your community?
  • What historical photographs/documents/letters/music can you find & what are the story behind each?
  • What are some badass blogs/websites that people should know?
  • Who are some of the people in your village/school/club that inspire you?
  • What are some innovative approaches to economic/social/agricultural development that you see as viable?
  • What is a youth perspective on local/regional/intl politics?

Photography by Nadia Huggins

Why become a Groundation Writer?

  • Impact…Inspire…Ignite!
  • An opportunity to be published globally
  • Audience of 295 subscribers and growing daily
  • Share your own projects & links in your bio
  • Get quality traffic on your blog/website
  • Build your credibility
  • Develop your writing
  • Add experience to your resume
  • Grow your Voice!

Who is Eligible to become a Groundation Writer? 

  • Grenadian youth (self-defined) living anywhere in the world
  • Any Caribbean youth (self-defined) living anywhere in the world
  • Budding and established writers, artists, musicians, farmers, researchers, students, activists, educators and community members.

How to become a Groundation Writer?

Please read their manifesto and vision (on right sidebar) as well as peruse articles so you know ‘wha they ’bout. If Groundation sounds like it is the space for you, start thinking about your ideas for contributions. Then contact us:

Thank you to Malaika Brooks Smith Lowe for extending this information to ARC.

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