C&H Art Space presents a group show featuring the works of Remy Jungerman, Patricia Kaersenhout and more

By ARC Magazine Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 Categories: Exhibitions, Updates

For the last exhibition of 2012, C&H Art Space presents the group show Gallery Artists + Guest, curated by the gallery director Cosimo Ricatto. Fourteen gallery artists based in The Netherlands were invited to choose a guest artist to exhibit with at C&H Art Space. The basic concept for this exhibition is to explore the idea of relationship between artists and the connection through their artwork.

The effects of globalization, the use of social networking, and the demand of professional agendas have created an enormous impact and change in social relationships. The way people relate to each other now takes place at amazing speed with improved communication but also with less commitment, continuity, and a lot more competition and isolation. What influence does this phenomenon have in the art world? In general, this show aims to address how strong this social impact influences the art context and how deep the act of solidarity, sharing, and giving in the cultural field still is.

We challenge the gallery artists to think about this theme and to bring their personal and social art connection and vision to the gallery. How many opportunities does an artist have to invite another artist to exhibit side by side? And what will this choice be based on? Friendship, professional relation, admiration . . .?

The invited guests of the gallery artists create an international show, with many from different parts of the world. This group exhibition underlines the use of art to give complement and distinct readings about the notion of relationships.


C&H gallery hours are Thu-Sat 11-18 and by appointment. For more information T +31 20 753 09 64 or E . The gallery is located at Tweede Kostverlorenkade 50, 1053 SB Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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