Expanding on the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas’ NE6: Kingdom Come

By John Cox Monday, December 24th, 2012 Categories: Features, Updates

Curator of the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, John Cox, shares with ARC an extensive overview of the National Exhibition #6: Kingdom Come.

John Cox. Image by Keisha Oliver

This year the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas addresses the challenges of change in modern times in Kingdom Come, the 6th National Exhibition (NE6). Forty nine Bahamian artists join one conversation around what the true meaning of the ‘Apocalypse’ is and what it implies to the country, the region and the world.

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The exhibition revolves around five themes: Transformation | Survival | Spirituality and Balance | Justice & Identity. Kingdom Come asks us to reflect on our own role in the turbulence of present day life. Joseph Campbell writings on the apocalypse as well as Julian Schnabel’s Babylon revisited essay, published in Hi Fructose, helped frame the invitation to artists to challenge the predictable and dark notions of the ‘world’s end’ and push perspectives of Rebirth and Reinvention. Noted artists include John Beadle, Sue Katz, Jace McKinney, Heino Schmid and Dede Brown.

Kingdom Come will be on view at the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas through April 7th 2013.

John Cox
John Cox

John Cox was born in Nassau, Bahamas in 1973. Cox attended the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island, where he received a BFA in Illustration (’95) and an MAT in Art Education (’96). Currently Cox teaches art at COB in addition to directing Popopstudios – Center for the Visual Arts in Nassau, Bahamas, an artists cooperative with emphasis on contemporary visual art, he is also the Creative Art Director at the Current, a project of Baha Mar