Global Caribbean IV: French West Indies & Guiana, Focus on the Contemporary Expression

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Artist and Curator, Edouard Duval Carrie, with support from Fondation Clément, The Green Family Foundation and the Little Haiti Cultural Center will present the exhibit of Global Caribbean IV featuring a selection of contemporary artists from the French West Indies and Guiana. The Global Caribbean project is under the umbrella of the French government’s Institut Français’s “Caraïbes en Création” a 5‐year program, which was established to promote Caribbean contemporary artistic expression.

Work by Christian Bertin

This fourth exhibition of Global Caribbean, entitled French West Indies & Guiana, Focus on the Contemporary Expression will present fourteen artists of the French Caribbean. The very prestigious Clement Foundation of Martinique has been a staunch promoter of Caribbean artistic expression and in particular the overseas French departments. Over the years the foundation has actively presented artists from the region and promoted them internationally. Thus the international forum of Art Basel Miami is a fitting venue to present Caribbean artists who are seldom invited to these shores.

Global Caribbean IV exhibition includes: Ano‐Eddy Firmin (Guadeloupe), Christian Bertin (Martinique), Ernest Breleur (Martinique), Jean‐Marc Hunt (Guadeloupe), Thierry Jarrin (Martinique), Valérie John (Martinique), Louis Laouchez (Martinique), Mirtho Linguet (French Guiana), Christophe Mert (Martinique), Bruno Pédurand (Guadeloupe), Luz Severino (Dominican Republic/ Martinique), Philippe Thomarel (Guadeloupe), Thierry Tian‐Sio‐Po (French Guiana), and Laurent Valère (Martinique).

Contributing authors to the catalog of this exhibit are the eminent scholar and anthropologist M. Gerry L’Etang, who addresses the historical context in which French Antillean artistic expression has evolved; Mme Renée‐Paule Yung‐Hing, ardent art promoter and member of the regional council of Martinique, addresses the modern artistic problematic of the region; Mme Dominique Brebion, contemporary art critic, who has been mounting exhibits hailing from the region for many years, presents an overview of the artists in the exhibition.

Alan Lomax Archives.

Complementing this exhibit will be the presentation of the Alan Lomax Archives, recently published by the Green Family Foundation through the efforts of its director Ms. Kimberly Green. In bringing forward the extraordinary work of legendary American folklorist Alan Lomax, in particular material covering the French Antilles, a larger context of the exhibition will be established to assess the particularity of the region through its musical legacy. A sampler of Mr. Lomax’s musical recordings from the nineteen sixties and other documents from the region will highlight the deep historical legacy shared not only by the French Antilles but throughout the Caribbean basin as a whole. This legacy has also permeated the continental United States, in particular the South Florida region.

On exhibit in the adjacent lobby of the Performing Arts building, Pieces of Jamaica, which features prolific artists, Karl “Jerry” Craig and David I. Muir of Jamaica will be on display. Pieces of Jamaica will showcase artwork that reflects the traditional and avant‐garde expressions of Jamaican culture in celebration of the 50th anniversary of its independence. Karl “Jerry” Craig has had one‐man exhibitions in England, the USA and Jamaica as well as exhibits in many group shows. His work is included in many public and private collections around the world. David I. Muir, through photography, showcases the candid beauty of the Jamaican people and its rich and diverse landscape. The publication of his book, “Pieces of Jamaica: The Real Rock Edition,” will be available during the event.

Presented by the Cultural Section of the Haitian Consulate of Miami, will be special guest and Miami based artist, Asser Saint‐Val. He is a recipient for the prestigious South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship Grant for Visual Artists in 2006 and 2011. With an interest in metaphysics, history, and social science, Saint‐Val’s vision is to use visual art as a vehicle to communicate the phenomenon of melanin, by transforming melanin into an ambiguous living form which will perpetuate imaginations, and at the same time, commenting on the social taboos associate with the “melanated” individual. The exhibitions will open to the public on December 7th, 2012 and will end February 16th, 2013.

Admission is free and open to the public. For more information contact: Ombeline de Saint Louvent – Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance at  or , or tel.: (305) 756‐3037.


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