Conversation: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, NLS, 4 Art Microhubs

By Deborah Anzinger Thursday, December 6th, 2012 Categories: ARC Partners, Updates

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) has invited NLS and four other art microhubs to participate in a conversation to talk about how smaller-scale art spaces are crucial in both “high-culture” cities and towns with fewer cultural resources. The conversation will take place on Tuesday, December 11th at 4pmAST, 3pmEST, live on Google+ Hangout.

How do the places where we look at, create, and talk about art come into being, and what makes them thrive? Other questions that will be addressed:

- What are the advantages or disadvantages of living in a place with fewer or smaller-scale art organizations, vs “high-culture” towns with major or many museums? 
- How do you think the impact of smaller-sized organizations compare in each of the two types of places? 
- How can SFMOMA or other large-scale institutions or museums help further the reach of smaller organizations? Or should they at all? 
- What should we do with the SFMOMA Art MicroHubs blog? What would make it useful for you? 

Participants include:

Deborah Anzinger, NLS, Jamaica
Elizabeth Bernstein, Royal NoneSuch Gallery, Oakland, CA
Alie Cline, Cave to Canvas, Online
Willa Koerner and Suzanne Stein, SFMOMA
Brion Nuda Rosch, Rock Bar, San Francisco, CA
Laurie Ritchie and John Wendelbo, The Carrack Modern Art, Durham, NC


NLS is a non-profit contemporary visual art initiative in Kingston, Jamaica that operates as a subsidiary of Creative Sounds Ltd. The goal of NLS is to support the work of visual artists committed to breaking new ground in their chosen disciplines, and to connect such artists to the global contemporary art community.  Join NLS’ social feed via Twitter: @NLSkingston or Tumblr via Facebook or contact Deborah Anzinger at Phone: 927-7931/ 927-8647/ 406-9771

Deborah Anzinger
Deborah Anzinger

Deborah Anzinger is an artist and founder of NLS, a visual art initiative in Kingston. Prior to NLS, Deborah was manager of the District of Columbia Arts Center (DCAC), a non-profit space in DC. Deborah was a founding member of DC-based artist collective Sparkplug and her work has been shown in DC at Civilian Art Projects, Porch Projects, DCAC, The Fridge, and Hillyer Art Space; in Arlington, VA at the Arlington Art Center and George Mason University; and in Jamaica at the National Gallery of Jamaica. Deborah’s work has been featured in the DC- and Berlin-based web journal The Studio Visit (TSV), and she is a member of Project Dispatch, an art subscription service.