What is AICA South Caribbean?

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AICA of the Southern Caribbean is a regional section of the International Art Critics Association with members in Barbados, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Jamaica, Martinique, Haiti, Cayman Islands and Bermuda. One of the main aims of the AICA of the South Caribbean is promoting communication and interaction between the art critics of the region and consequently, between the artistic communities of the participating countries. Conferences and meetings are organised in the different Caribbean regions in order to improve this communication, often accompanied by visits to galleries and artists’ studios. The second possibility is the website which brings the different members together.

Parcours Martinique L'Art Comtemporain Dans la Caraibe

Created in 1997, this section has carried out several important projects including:

1998: Art Criticism Symposium Finding a language, establishing dialogue – Barbados
1998: Participation in the Carivista – Barbados
1999: Travel Diaries of the Caribbean sections of the AICA – Martinique
2000: Travel Diaries of the Caribbean sections of the AICA – Barbados
2001: Art Criticism Symposium Migration and the Caribbean Diaspora University of Orlando Miami USA, accompanied by an exhibition on the same topic with visual artists from Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Barbados, and Trinidad
2003: XXXVII International AICA Congress– Barbados and Martinique
2008: PARCOURS MARTINIQUE: A seminary on Contemporary Art, and an exhibition entitled CARIBBEAN ATLANTIS, with the partnership of La Fondation Clément, CULTURESFRANCE, AMCA, DRAC Martinique, and the French Ministry of Overseas Regions.
2009: Black Diaspora Visual Art in Barbados, a symposium including video presentations and exhibitions, with the partnership of The National Gallery Committee, The Art Council of England.
2011: The Black Jacobins, Barbade et Martinique

The Black Jacobins Matinique Barbados 2011

What is AICA International ? 

AICA of the South Caribbean is a section of  International Art Critics Association which has been created in the wake of two international congresses held in 1948 and 1949 at the UNESCO headquarters, the International Art Critics Association brings together art critics who wish to develop international cooperation in the area of the creative arts, and in building awareness of artistic culture. Its aim is to promote the disciplines of criticism in the field of art and contribute to building firm methodological foundations, to protect the moral and professional interests of art critics, to defend the shared rights of all its members, to ensure a permanent liaison among its members by promoting international meetings, facilitating and spreading information and international exchanges in the field of the visual arts, to contribute to the rapprochement and mutual understanding of cultures, and to bring its collaboration to developing countries. The Association can collaborate with any body pursuing essentially cultural aims.

The AICA was given ONG status by UNESCO in 1951. Today AICA has seventy three (73) sections worldwide and a roll four thousand three hundred and forty members (4340). Please log on to AICA-South Caribbean in its new format, simpler, more convivial, more dynamic, faster, more attractive, refocused on writing art criticism. Here is a forum for instant exchanges about art works, artists, events in the Caribbean and the Diaspora, where you can react and answer the articles you read. You also have the possibility to suggest some themes for further exchanges.


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