AICA-SC reports: 14° N 61° W, A new alternative contemporary art space in Martinique

By Dominique Brebion Saturday, January 26th, 2013 Categories: ARC Partners, Updates

Hommages et Déclinaisons, an exhibition by Raymond Médélice, will provide a chance for visitors to enter this exhibition room in the middle of the Cité artisanale de Dillon for the first time. Drawings and paintings pay tribute to Edmond Evrard Suffrin, a well-known figure in Martinique and founder of the Cham dogma. They will be on display from 19 February to 2 March.

New gallery 14° N 61° W. Images courtesy of AICA-SC.

New gallery 14° N 61° W. Images courtesy of AICA-SC.

You are also invited to regular documentary film screening events, organised under the title of Féroce (Mais amène ton coussin), in partnership with Tchok en doc, on the first and third Tuesday of every month from February to July. The Tchok en doc association, founded in 2008, promotes creative documentary-making and organises many festivals including the Mois du documentaire.

The 14 °N 61°W space will host IMAA, Instructions Manuals and accessories for two years. This is an original project, designed and initiated by Caryl*Ivrisse Crochemar, to contribute to the accessibility, promotion and dissemination of contemporary art. Artists are invited to create a work of art from a kit, delivered with clear, detailed instructions for assembling and building it on site in Martinique.

Several artists are already involved in the IMAA project, including Roman Liška, Jean – Ulrich Desert, whose Negerhosen 2000 has been frequently displayed at recent collective exhibitions by contemporary visual artists from the Caribbean, Niklas Goldbach,  Sophie Trenka-Dalton and the Avaf  collective.

Opening of Raymond Medelice's exhibition at 14° N 61° W,

Opening of Raymond Medelice’s exhibition at 14° N 61° W,

As a new contemporary art space, 14 °N 61W aims to create and promote a platform on the island of Martinique, with the aim of researching and reflecting on the avant-garde of artistic creation, arranging encounters between visual artists from all over the world, and opening up new horizons for artistic creation.

In a way, 14 °N 61°W continues on from the 5213 gallery (which opened in Berlin in 2004), with experience of many contemporary art fairs under its belt, such as ArtBrusssels (2009), NEXT, Chicago (2008), SLICK, Paris, Berlin Preview (2007) and others. The 5213 gallery was dedicated to displaying work by promising up-and-coming artists, as well as established artists like Aurélie Nemours.

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Original post courtesy of AICA-SC.

Dominique Brebion
Dominique Brebion

Dominique Brebion is the arts advisor to the Regional Cultural Affairs Board of Martinique. She is also a founding member of the International Association of Art Critics, Southern Caribbean (AICA – SC).