Contemporary Gallery 14°N 61°W presents the work of Raymond Médélice in Hommages & déclinaisons

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“Belief and aesthetic – Tribute to Evrard Suffrin” was initiated and presented in Martinique in 2000 at Cmac–Scene Nationale on the occasion of an exhibition by the painter Raymond Medelice entitled – “Homage to Goya, Dix and Oto all others. “ Since this series of Hommages aux peintres (Painters Tributes) revolves around the life and work of artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali or the artist from Martinique Evrard Suffrin (1911 – 2001). It’s around Suffrin’s work and tribute that Raymond Medelice decided to structure its exhibition at espace d’art contemporain 14°N 61°W.

Raymond Médélice’s Hommages & Déclinaisons opens at espace d’art contemporain 14°N 61°W, in Fort de France, Martinique, on January 19th and runs through March 02, 2013. Opening preview reception to be held on Friday 18th of January from 7-11pm

Raymond Médélice Huile sur cartons 160x120cm

The purpose of this presentation is not a confrontation between styles but rather a transversal approach, of Raymond Medelice’s artistic research and work and those, often misunderstood of Evrard Suffrin, the experience of their lives and events that have marked their course. As for Van Gogh or Basquiat, destinies generated in pain, excitement and solitude encourage Raymond Medelice to constantly rethink in depth the relevance of his work, his gestures.

To achieve and materialize this constant artistic research Raymond Medelice doesn’t hesitate to recycle, rethink the treatment of accumulated information and its transcript on the canvas, its matter, speaking through a explosive pictorial narration, the anecdote, the aesthetics of the absurd and paradoxical, to understand why the expressive power of his works – and the strength of conviction that inhabit them.

Raymond Médélice - 1-Hommage à Evrard Suffrin .... Triptyque 180 X 90 ... 2012 acrylique sur toile

Raymond Médélice - 2-Hommage à Evrard Suffrin .... Triptyque 180 X 90 ... 2012 acrylique sur toile

Understand how this inner and consuming expression for some, migrates outside itself in order to impregnate the support with a theme and render virtually, intensely, a palpable obsession. A particular aesthetic which, facing the canvas becomes obvious and has the unique ability to mobilize and convince a moment, despite oneself. Raymond Medelice’s exhibition is a very engaged and personal refection on our contemporary societies imbalance, the endless race for progress, the widening of the gap between people, cultures, etc. Not a pessimistic idea of our world, but a rather straightforward looks into humanity’s defections.

Not without humor-rather sick humour, or irony, the work of Raymond Medelice makes the inventory of all the annoying facts of our every day life. Like a warning, his work invites us to reflect once again on the fading values of humanity and the violence generated by modern living. A warning against the chaos of our own living experience.

Raymond Médélice - Huile sur cartons 160x140cm

espace d’art contemporain 14°N 61°W is located at 19, rue du Mérite Artisanal, 97200 Fort de France – Martinique. For more information contact Caryl at . Opening hours are Wednesday- Saturday: 11.00 – 19.00 or by appointment.

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