Ernest Breleur Exposes at Maëlle Galerie, Paris

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With progressively more popular and positive attitudes towards contemporary Caribbean art, it is not surprising that Maëlle Galerie (Paris) launched in October of this year with a strong representation of Caribbean artists.

“Maëlle Galerie is an online contemporary art gallery that serves as a platform for new contemporary artistic practice, which aims to introduce, promote, and support emerging artists, confirming them on the national and international level.”

Showroom of Maëlle Gallery - Village Suisse - In front of 14 rue Alasseur 75015 Paris © Christelle Inacio

While the gallery offers collectors the possibility of purchasing art pieces online, a unique showroom—of both size and style—is located in the heart of Paris “for those who wish to meet the artworks.”

Most recently, Maëlle Galerie presented the solo exhibition of Ernest Breleur, a major Caribbean artist originating from Martinique who has spent most of his life creating, which runs until January 26th 2012.

Ernest Breleur, untitled, Série Corps à vif, X-rays, colored plastics, staples, Rope Light, 151 x 46 x 39 cm, 2012 © Jean-Philippe Breleur

A prolific and committed painter at the start, Breleur’s work stemmed from the idea of a crossroads between Africa, America, Europe, and India, which eventually evolved into a sole dream of Africa as the driving force behind his creations. In the early 90s, turning away from the belief of art as an illustration of identity, Breleur’s paintings demonstrate more metaphysical concerns and reflect questions of life and death. From that point onwards, however, Breleur ended his pledge to painting thereby allowing his career to take a new turn with a new medium and new methods: radiography art.

Ernest Breleur, untitled, series Female, collage, radiographs, X-rays duplicates colorful, colored plastics, staples, 157 x 27 x 20 cm, 2012 © Jean-Philippe breleur

Ernest Breleur, untitled, series Female, collage, radiographs, X-rays duplicates colorful, colored plastics, staples, 157 x 27 x 20 cm, 2012 © Jean-Philippe Breleur

Using this new medium, Breleur’s latest preoccupation is with the genesis of life—“I venture to think of the emergence of life as a huge creative field where each atom, each embryo, each cell fights and aspires to become a living thing. This is the frenzy of life and it is reflected in the profusion of strange shapes and colours, which become extraordinary as I release my creativity, building on and representing my own strange, unconstrained world.”

With the bar set high, Maëlle Galerie will showcase Antoine Poupel beginning February 7th 2013.


Stephanie Nazywalskyj
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