Eyes on the World Exhibition

By Lisa Howie Monday, January 14th, 2013 Categories: ARC, Exhibitions, Updates

On January 18th we open with a variety of exhibitions. In the Watlington Room we highlight Women Artists in the BNG Collection, a first ever exhibition, which reflects diverse expressions and medium from landscape paintings to contemporary sculpture. In the Ondaatje Wing is Impressions of Bermuda: The David L. White Gift to the BNG featuring works by visiting American Impressionist painters in the early 20th century. In the lower mezzanine we feature Meredith Andrews: Portraits of Power. Also on display, Eyes on the World, a photographic exhibition in partnership with the Alexia Foundation.

The Alexia Foundation is an American non-profit dedicated to the power of photojournalism and its potential for inspiring social change. The Foundation is named after Alexia Tsairis, a photojournalist student of Syracuse University who was a victim of the 1988 terrorist bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. Alexia believed in the capacity and responsibility of individuals to advance peace and the Foundation is committed to this ideal.

Eyes on the World is very different type of exhibition for the BNG as it is so concretely focused on social issues and yet the move to this type of exhibition is also in stride with how the museum is redefining itself. With a vision of cultural relevancy, we intend to embrace the social body politic and to position the museum as a community space for sharing critical dialogue. We believe that the museum has a responsibility to social progress and we realize this through exhibitions and educational programmes.

Eyes on the World includes six stories representing America, Germany, India, Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the United Kingdom. Issues explored though sensitive and provocative photography and film include: the scholastic achievement gap; outcomes of gang violence; the legacy of the Third Reich; violence against women; human trafficking; war-affected children; and the Muslim identity. In each case the photo-stories accomplish a difficult perspective, both broadly based and specific to the subjects. Each visual is accompanied with a contextual narrative that lends to the viewer’s ability to appreciate the complexities of the presented issues.

This is an exhibition that encourages pause: To consider the plight of the photographed; to reflect on one’s own positioning in society; and to make the decision to act. What can we do for others? Using photography as an agency of social change is the premise to the Eyes on the World exhibition. Eyes on the World also includes Bermuda topics with local photographers and filmmakers casting their eyes on social issues at hand.

Contact the BNG for more details. www.bng.bm


Lisa Howie
Lisa Howie

Lisa Howie is the Executive Director of the Bermuda National Gallery (BNG). For her, the Bermuda Biennial exhibition shapes a significant dialogue on the Island’s contemporary art scene and she is determined to see local artists gain greater international exposure.