NLS presents: Rodell Warner + DJ Afifa — Interactive art installation “Binary Solved”

By Deborah Anzinger Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 Categories: ARC Partners, Updates

NLS is excited to present Binary Solved, an experimental visual-sound intervention by DJ Afifa and Rodell Warner that merges digital art into public performance by audience and artist over the course of two nights.

Rodell Warner and DJ Afifa collaborate to create an interactive sound art installation for the NLS 48 Hour Residency. Warner and Afifa use the two-day format of the residency, to play with and attempt to blow perceived dichotomies of existence. Binary Solved is an undertaking by the two artists to link the real with the imagined, the other with the self, the digital with natural, and, ultimately, existence with freedom. Each night of the residency performance functions as a counterpoint/contrast to the other.

Binary Solved

The project consists of a fusion of projected moving images with sound that are installed to encompass a 360-degree space of the outdoors through which audience members traverse. Against a pre-existing backdrop the entire audience will wear all-black (on which the projected images cannot show), or all-white (on which the projected images do show), either carving out their own body image in the artwork or conversely becoming one with the projection respectively. Binary Solved first examines how the world is understood by drawing its conceit from the formal components of designing a work of art— using a ground (the surface on which the image rests) and the figure (the image that rests on this surface)– to create an experience that challenges the splintering of the two.

The first night of Binary Solved will take place on Friday, February 1 at 7:30 p.m. On this night audience members wear all-black, functioning as the figure for the complete artwork. The second intervention will take place on Saturday, February 2 at 7:30 p.m. during which audience members wear all-white functioning as the ground.

This art piece is a unique and exciting step for contemporary art in Jamaica in the cross-disciplinary collaboration of visual artist Rodell Warner, with sound and performance artists DJ Afifa to create an artwork that requires audience participation for its completion. The aesthetic of the resulting project is one that embraces and merges digital art into the realm of public performance by audience and artist. Ephemeral in nature the project is grounded in immediate sensorial experience and accessibility.

Rodell Warner is a visiting Trinidadian artist who’s works are best described as stations of crystallisation along a journey, perpetually in progress, characterised by the resolution of binaries / realisation of oneness. His most recent works bridge various digital media and elements of performance to turn illustrations of and musings on oneness into sharable real world situations. Recently Warner has exhibited at NIROX Projects at Arts on Main in Johannesburg; The CAG[e] Gallery at Edna Manley College, Kingston; Art Museum of the Americas, Washington, DC; Alice Yard, Port of Spain; The Beaver, Toronto; and The Internet.

DJ Afifa is a Jamaican sound and performance artist who investigates the transformative nature of sound on our lived experiences and environment. Her sound performances are typically accompanied by political text-based art and other visual elements that encourage the audience to filter the music she plays. She regularly performs at alternative art spaces as well as more established venues such as the National Gallery of Jamaica. She is co-founder of SO((U))L, a program that creates alternative community spaces promoting the discovery and exploration of music, art, culture, social justice, equality and self-reliance.

The 48 Hour Residency at NLS is a program that was influenced by Alice Yard in Trinidad. The program was adopted to foster performative art projects that draw on immediacy and audience interaction as a catalyst for social change driven by inclusivity and openness.



NLS (New Local Space) is a bold new artist-run initiative in Kingston, Jamaica that was founded as a place for artists to experiment with new ideas, collaborate with each other and engage with the public in a global context. NLS does this through its Artist Residency Program, Subsidised Studio Space, Exhibitions Program, and Research. Interdisciplinary collaboration and open access are principles at the core of our operations. NLS is a non-profit subsidiary of Creative Sounds, an audio recording studio and production house.

Binary Solved takes place at NLS, 190 Mountain View Avenue, Kingston 6 from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday, February 1 and Saturday, February 2. This event is free and open to the public. NLS/Creative Sounds is located across from the National Stadium at the corner of Tucker Avenue and Mountain View Ave. For more information visit or call 406-9771.

Deborah Anzinger
Deborah Anzinger

Deborah Anzinger is an artist and founder of NLS, a visual art initiative in Kingston. Prior to NLS, Deborah was manager of the District of Columbia Arts Center (DCAC), a non-profit space in DC. Deborah was a founding member of DC-based artist collective Sparkplug and her work has been shown in DC at Civilian Art Projects, Porch Projects, DCAC, The Fridge, and Hillyer Art Space; in Arlington, VA at the Arlington Art Center and George Mason University; and in Jamaica at the National Gallery of Jamaica. Deborah’s work has been featured in the DC- and Berlin-based web journal The Studio Visit (TSV), and she is a member of Project Dispatch, an art subscription service.