Popup Studios Junior Resident Artists Christina Darvile and Yutavia George present Conceptual Movement

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When one thinks about ideas and perception, one may consider variety and then development. Therefore, this exhibition, Conceptual Movement, addresses the idea to be reflective of the common traditional view of Bahamian art. The name of this show was structured after being inspired from The National Art Gallery’s previous exhibition called Ne6, Kingdom come. One could see the progression of Bahamian artwork in the variety of responses.  Our work represents a continuation of interest towards production and reinforcement of originality that is currently being produced from other Bahamian artists.

George’s work is meditative, considering where artists receive ideas and where they see a communicative and aesthetic purpose for their work. It also emphasizes the need to continue cultivating one’s drive towards this development.  Darville’s work is also introspective, regarding the movement of not just, literally, line but also the movement of a new generation of art and highlights the transformation and evolution of concept in each Bahamian artist. Moreover, like George’s, it has been influenced greatly due to the exposure granted from the Pop up studios International Center for the Visual Artists, the D’Aguiler Art foundation and Antonius Roberts. Prizes which encouraged these students to focus fully on fine-tuning their skills while exploring artistic avenues and experimenting with their artwork during the summer of 2012.

Yutavia George states “As with other artists, our work is reflective of a consistent practise- an exploration, the  manipulation of mediums as it relates to content which suits the context of the gallery and our perceptions”. Darville states “our work is moving in a different direction than what is perceived as traditional Bahamian art”.

Conceptual Movement exhibition opens on Thursday 17th January 2012, 7pm-9pm at the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas, located on  West and West Hill. The exhibition is co sponsored by The D’Aguilar Art Foundation & Antonius J. Roberts.

Yutavia George and Christina Darville


Yutavia George was born in the Bahamas in 1991 she is currently pursuing a B.A. in Art Education at the College of The Bahamas. Her inspiration is drawn from the connections between music, books, people, everyday objects and interactions. She’s influenced by many diverse artists and enjoys creating concepts and exploring various mediums.

Christina Darville was born in Nassau Bahamas in 1991. As a child she was already busy with art and it has become a real passion of her. Now a young woman, the dreams are still here wanting to teach  young children the essentials of art. Darville enrolled at the College of The Bahamas now studying Art Education. During her time at the college she developed a deeper passion for graphic design. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Art Education she wants to study abroad and to acquire her degree in Fine Arts and graphic designing. She is currently interested in mixed media works, focusing on symbolism, meaning, color, context and the use of material.

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