Victory Run: The 2013 Installment of Dirty Crayons Opens January 12th

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Dirty Crayons’ Victory Run is a collaborative exhibition of works by Visual Artists Jehan Jackson, Leasho Johnson, Keegan Simon, Taj Francis and Kemar Swaby. The exhibition, first held in 2011 at The Redbones Cafe and restaurant featured work by Kemar Swaby, Keegan Simon and Leasho Johnson.

Kemar Swaby presented wall mounted, back lit ink illustrations and installations, Keegan Simon, paintings done on various media such as glass and spray cans. He re-created giant images from classic Dick Tracy comics injecting them with Jamaican dialect and encouraged patrons to interact with his work by allowing them to colour the work any way they wanted. While Leasho Johnson created witty and somewhat controversial sculptures remixing the iconic Edna Manley sculpture Ghetto Mother, that were both eye catching and humorous. This year, the Dirty Crayons union has added two new “Crayons” to the palette: Jehan Jackson and Taj Francis, two of the top students during their year of graduation from the Edna Manley College they will add more texture to the Dirty Crayons establishment. We hope to become vanguards in the changing face of this social event, encouraging young artists play a part in the greater community while making a name for themselves in the Jamaican art scene and help to inspire other upcoming talents to become better artists and collaborators.

“Victory Run”

The 2013 installment of Dirty Crayons titled Victory Run is iconic to us as young artists and as Jamaicans and Trinidadians. Last year we celebrated Jamaica’s and Trinidad’s 50th year of independence, an important milestone for countries. As young artists we carry the flame and seek to keep this historic moment alive by visually expressing our observations of our triumphant societies, as it correlates with fortitude and endurance. Collectively, it was decided that this year’s exhibition would be representational of that–being broken, but not defeated–not just as young Caribbean men and women but most importantly as young Caribbean artists. For this year’s edition of Dirty Crayons we host a group exhibition that reflects on the past and future; whilst inspiring the minds of those who have just started their journey as artists and also to inspire those who have watched us make that journey. This year’s showcase shall exhibit the broad spectrum of young and impressive talent’s that the Caribbean has to offer, displaying the fusion of art, strong concepts, culture and aesthetic appeal. Creating a space of a more up-tempo art exhibit than the usual art exhibition, being a more edgy, trendy and expressive in our approach as a presentation.


Jehan Jackson

Jehan is a qualified, headstrong Textile Design and Fibre artist (BFA), and an aspiring fashion designer, who specializes in experimental mediums, textures, fabric manipulation and screen-printing for fashion and apparel. Jackson identifies with and is influenced equally by the cultural independent island of Jamaica where she was raised as well as the international vivacity of her birthplace, New York City. With an early interest in the Visual Arts and Fashion Design, Jackson attended the Edna Manley College (2007-2011), where she answered callings to design and handprint lengths of idiosyncratic fabric. With Textile Design and Fashion being two closely intertwined disciplines, Jackson sought to marry the two, ultimately resulting in the original and unique body of work. She is currently the Live Production Manager at the Pulse Investments Ltd and designer for her clothing line Vain Glory.

Leasho Johnson 

Leasho was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica on December 5, 1984. With his father being an artist, he was exposed to art at a tender age while spending time in his father’s studio drawing and painting. Educated at Edna Manley School of the Visual and Performing Arts, he graduated in 2009 with a degree in Visual Communication. Leasho’s works are influenced by 1960’s Pop Art, with an integration of various graffiti and graphic art styles. He seeks to re-establish these aesthetics within the context of his own environment. Insisting on making his own mark, Leasho has participated in various local and international exhibits.

Keegan Simon

Keegan was born in Trinidad Port of Spain on October 26 1984. Educated at Edna Manley School of the Visual and Performing Arts, in Kingston, Jamaica, he graduated in 2010 with a degree in Fine Arts focused on Printing. Keegan’s works are influenced by Pop Art and its culture and an amalgam of graffiti styles, ultimately resulting in a distinctive aesthetic in his heavily concept-driven artwork. He is the chief designer of a Trinidad-based clothing line 1ndividual Aesthetic.

Taj Francis

Taj Francis was born in Kingston, Jamaica but has lived in Spanish Town, St Catherine, for most of his life. His parents nurtured his interest in art into a passion and he has been doing art for as long as he can remember. The media used for his artworks are pen and ink as well as brush and ink and spray paint. A major medium for his more popular works is digital illustrations and paintings. He has been featured on several websites and is currently working on a clothing line where he also designs custom artwork on shoes. His artwork inspired by music and a passion for what he does allows for continuous growth in his skill.

Kemar Swaby

Kemar was born in Manchester, Jamaica on February 25, 1988. Educated at the Edna Manley School of the Visual and Performing Arts, he graduated in 2010 with a degree in Visual Communication. Growing up with just his mother and relatives, his appreciation for family life and values play a crucial part in his work where he endeavors to connect and dissect the structural components of these relationships, using the concept of karma. With a fusion of detailed drawings fused with graffiti and graphic art styles, Swaby’s execution takes into account lighting and ambience to achieve a certain balance within his work.

New Works by Leasho Johnson

The Dirty Crayons 2013 exhibition runs from Saturday, January 12 to Saturday, February 2, 2013 at “What’s On Cafe”, located at 133 Barbican Road. Gallery hours are Monday 9 AM – 3 PM - Saturday 9AM – 5 PM. For more details Call (876) 924 1708.

For more information contact: Kemar Swaby at Mobile: (876) 868-6410. Secondary Contact: Jehan Jackson Mobile: (876) 412- 9737 or Email: Visit Dirty Crayons on facebook and tumblr.


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