ART in the Park – An Intergenerational Project

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Every park user knows the benefits of green space, especially in urban and suburban environments, but the benefits of our parks and green spaces extend far beyond users – daily they touch the lives of every person who lives and works in the community. From improving our physical and psychological health, to strengthening our communities, and making our cities and neighborhoods more attractive places to live and work – the benefits of parks are endless – to individuals, our communities, the economy and the environment. Broadly defined, parks provide a diverse and quantifiable range of benefits that immeasurably improve our quality of life. Parks can be themed to educate and promote a variety of themes creating awareness of “The Millennium Development Goals”;

  • Literacy
  • Environmental Awareness and Sustainability
  • Saving Water
  • Climate Control
  • Arts and Preservation of our Culture



I.C.T.A. is  a non-governmental organization and non-profit organization which was established to promote concepts in teaching and learning through the arts. The group was endorsed by Unesco at the 2nd Caribbean International Arts Education Symposium: The Practice & Prospects of Arts Education for Societies  in Crisis which  was held in St. Augustine, Trinidad, from June 26th to 30th, 2005, under the auspices of The University of West Indies,Centre for Creative & Festival Arts, we were recognized as Caribbean Best Practices in Arts Education.

The group is a multi-disciplinary one with expertise in education, visual and performing arts, science and business. ICTA aims to act as a resource and knowledge- based institution which will facilitate an integrated approach to teaching and learning through art, and using the arts, introduce, reinforce and facilitate a positive universal attitude of hope, peace and multicultural appreciation.

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), has recognized the importance of the arts, and  issued  a new appeal for the promotion of arts education and creativity as part of the construction of a culture of peace, by stating that we can achieve this by;  “Building Peace In the minds of Men and Women.”   It is under this umbrella that ICTA has been established since 2004.



The objectives of ICTA are:

  • To encourage positive relationships between child and educator.
  • To promote integration of creativity and art into the core curriculum.
  • To encourage the development of an environment which fosters creation and invention.
  • To create harmony, peace and hope in a multicultural environment through an appreciation and awareness of the arts.
  • To create an awareness of art as a therapeutic tool.
  • To create a healthy living in communities using public art to foster intergenerational collaboration – “It takes a village to raise a child”
  • To educate people on the value of art.

Our endorsement:

Declaration of the 2nd Caribbean International Arts  - Unesco

  • Members of I.C.T.A.
  • Deborah Samlalsingh – Hutchinson (Visual Arts)
  • Tamara Aboud – Pollonais (Theatre Arts and Performance)
  • Michele Dowrich (Music and Singing)
  • Tricia Tikasingh (Alternative Medicene and Healing)
  • Sabrina Sinanan (Cultural Arts)
  • Roxanne Kalliecharan (Carnival Arts)

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