Issue 8

issue 8 cover_issues pg newIssue 8 features the work of: Christopher Cozier, Elia Alba, Andrew Lyght, Tirzo Martha, Pogus Caesar, Wayne Lawrence, Andil Gosine, Simone Leigh, Satch Hoyt, Carlos Lechuga, Kwesi Abbensetts, Mark Jason Weston, Camille Chedda, Allana Clarke, Olivia McGilchrist, Shirley Rufin, Portia Subran, Angelika Wallace-Whitfield, Ronald Williams, Sharon Moise, and Tristan Alleyne, along with the writing of: Rocio Aranda-Alvarado, Dominique Brebion, Kalia Brooks, Marta Fernandez Campa, Hernease Davis, Alan Fair, Carl E. Hazlewood, Dr. Claudia Hucke, Qiana Mestrich, Oscar Moralde, Jimmy J. Pack Jr., Dr. Marsha Pearce, Rob Perrée, Legacy Russell, and Jaret Vadera.





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